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Meth-Addicted Puppy Reunites With The Cop Who Helped Him Get Clean

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Bubba the puppy has had to endure more cruelty in his young life than any animal ever should. But despite all he's been through, his is still a story of hope - and, as you'll soon see, immense gratitude for those who helped him through it.

In March, the young terrier mix was rescued by Officer Jeremy Laurich, from the Tustin Police Department, during a raid on a drug den in California that resulted in the arrest of his former owner. Sadly, having been exposed to the significant amount of illicit material discovered there, Bubba was found to be under the influence by no fault of his own.

He later tested positive for heroin, methamphetamine and nicotine.


Bubba was sent to Orange County Animal Care to begin the long road to recovery from those highly addictive substances, but he apparently never forgot about those who first brought him to safety. The officers didn't forget about him either; they were following his progress each step of the way.

Earlier this month, after weeks of treatment, the Tustin Police Department happily reported that Bubba was "doing excellent." Now clean, it was only fitting then that the little dog receive his first visitors - the person who helped get him there.

"Today we visited Orange County Animal Care and reunited Bubba with Officer Laurich," the department wrote on Facebook. "Bubba looked very healthy and happy and both he and Officer Laurich seemed to thoroughly enjoy their time together."

It still may be some time before Bubba is ready to be adopted and begin his new life as a cherished pet - but thanks to all those who've dedicated their time and love on his behalf, his future couldn't be brighter.

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