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Meet Beyoncé And Jay Z: Ninja Turtles

Breaking News:

In recent news Beyoncé and Jay Z have been staying over at my place.

Jokes apart, last week I visited a street full of animals and brought home these adorable baby turtles. But the fun began when I gave them celebrity power couple names.

After some research I concluded that they were from the breed of painted turtles because of their pattern and shell shape. They seem too tiny to determine their gender/sex, regardless of that I love their names!

Beyoncé versus Jay Z

Both these hard shelled ninjas have different personalities from each other. The larger one known as Jay Z is an introvert and is laid back and lazy. This ninja's favourite past-time is to bask in sunlight and relax on rock floaters.

On the other hand, Beyoncé is an extrovert and loves exploring and jumping around in the aquarium. Bey is active and likes pawing at anything and is comfortable with attention. But Jay Z is shy and prefers isolation.

It's fascinating how differently both of them react to external environments and I enjoy studying their behaviour. Even though I fed them turtle food pellets in the beginning, they prefer strawberries and green leafy vegetables.

Turtle Power:

Both of them might grow up to be a lot like the Ninja Turtles, or maybe naming them after celebrities and associating them with a 90's cartoon could give them an identity crisis. On an end note, I think there is so much more to learn about these beautiful reptiles. I'll keep you updated on these ninjas!