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Masika The Cheetah Needs Our Help

<p> Photo by TriOdyssey </p>

Wild Wonders, located in Bonsall, California, is a wildlife preservation and education facility that focuses on the socializing of animals with each other and, especially, with people. From Penelope the porcupine to Olivia the wide-eyed and friendly owl monkey, they are truly the most interactive opportunity most people will ever have with these incredible, sometimes endangered animals.

However, Wild Wonders received some disheartening news this past week. Masika, their two-year-old cheetah, is in dire need of medical attention. After undergoing x-rays by several specialists, they have determined that she has double luxation of her patellas in her hind legs, more commonly known as floating kneecaps. This can lead to arthritis and torn cruciates, with surgery to fix these issues being very invasive with extensive recovery.

Wild Wonders is currently awaiting the results from her front leg x-rays, and are bracing for the awful news that it might be difficult for Masika to ever run again. With proper medication and physical therapy, Masika can be kept pain-free in hopes of extending her life. Without these elements, she might be facing euthanasia.

Wild Wonders is looking at every option for her recovery, including underwater treadmills to aid her physical therapy.

TriOdyssey, a film production company, recently worked with Wild Wonders to create a fundraiser, in hopes of helping them out with their animals' needs. Now more than ever, Wild Wonders needs our help with Masika's medical care. Every dollar helps and gets them that much closer to saving the life of this young, beautiful animal.

Go to the link below to help make a difference https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wild-wonders-make-a-difference#/