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Climate Change Map Tells You What Your City Will Feel Like In 100 Years

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Due to human activity, the Earth is heating up - 2014 was the hottest year yet. Animals and humans in some regions are already feeling the impact. And, thanks to Climate Central, you can see how warm your city or town will be during winters around the year 2100:

[iframe https://www.climatecentral.org/wgts/ColdNightsAhead/index.html?utm_source=ext&utm;_medium=embed&utm;_campaign=ColdNightsAhead style=border-color: #000000 width=600 frameborder=0 height=583 scrolling=no]

If current trends continue, the future of New York City winters, for example, will match today's winters in central Texas. But we don't have to wait until 2100 to see the impact of climate change: Certain species of fish, for example, are already heading north to avoid uncomfortably warm seas, and increasing heat waves harm species like Magellanic penguins.