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Cat Is So Obsessed With Himself, He Can't Stop Taking Selfies

Trying to take the perfect selfie is an exercise in perseverance and vanity, which is why it makes total sense that a cat would excel at it.

Meet Manny, a gray tabby who probably loves looking at himself more than he loves nap time. As it turns out, he's extremely handy with a camera. His canine companions also seem content to leave things to their kitty overlord and his GoPro photography skills as they travel across the U.S., where Manny's most recent pics were taken.

"He is the boss of the dogs," Instagram user @yoremahm, Manny's owner, told Love Meow. We believe it.

Manny's talent for taking pictures of himself, like all great things in life, was stumbled upon. His owner saw his cat's potential during a photo shoot when Manny's paws took to inspecting a camera, Feature Shoot reports.

Manny came into Yoremahm's life as a stray whom he took in after the death of a beloved cat.

"I figured Manny was just one of the other cat's nine lives coming back home," his owner told Feature Shoot. It looks like this former stray was destined to meet both the front of a lens and a (big) forever family.

Besides being the reigning selfie king on Instagram, Manny has many other important hobbies, such as skateboarding ...

... playing in leaves ...

... snowboarding ...

... Facetiming his buddies ...

... and winning the vastly superior catnip powerball.

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