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Man Who Chained Up Dog For Years Gets Just 5-Day Sentence

An Ohio man who made headlines last month for chaining his dog to a tree for four years has been found guilty for the animal abuse charges brought against him -- and ordered to spend just five days in jail, local news station WCPO reports. The dog, which was found emaciated and physically abused, was taken in by the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and later named Joseph.

Jeremy Shane Temple faced charges of animal abuse, having an improperly chained dog and having an unlicensed dog. He will soon spend five mandatory days in jail and is required to pay for the dog's current veterinarian bills, about $3,000. He must also pay a $150 fine.

The dog, however, has made a remarkable recovery and is doing well. You can see more photos of Joseph looking happy and healthy at the PAWS Adoption Center's Facebook page.