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Man Tries To Ransom Lost Dog, Gets Bitten

<p><a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/adangarcia/">Adan Garcia</a><br></p>

After Joseph Jando's friend entrusted him to return a lost dog he had found on his way to work, the Morton Grove, Illinois man had the opportunity to do the right thing by both the pet and its owner. He decided, however, to do the wrong thing -- and got bitten in more ways than one as a result.

Prior to leaving Jando with the dog, the friend had dialed the number on its collar, but got no answer. When the owner called back, Jando picked up the phone with plans of his own.

The Morton Grove Patch says that instead simply offering to return the dog to its owner, Jando demanded she pay $1,200 in ransom -- or else he would kill her pet.

So, the dog's owner called the police and informed them she was being extorted, and they volunteered to pose as her husband to meet Jando in a sting operation. Meanwhile, the dog was proving to be a difficult hostage, leaving its captor with a bite wound that required stitches.

Jando, who has a long criminal history, was arrested in the operation and taken to the county jail; Dog and owner were happily reunited.