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Man Sues SeaWorld After Trained Hawk Attacked His Dog

Turns out, SeaWorld isn't just an unsafe place for killer whales and their trainers - it's a danger zone for dogs as well.

The beleaguered marine park was hit with a lawsuit this week by a guest who alleges that an animal at the park caused potentially fatal injuries to his beloved pet.

Robin Revel of Oregon was visiting SeaWorld's San Diego location last winter with his wife and his therapy dog, Yogi, when things took an ugly, unexpected turn. While traversing the park, Revel says a trained hawk used by SeaWorld to keep seagulls at bay swooped down from the sky and attacked Yogi. Robin was also scratched on the leg in the resulting panic.

"The hawk just came out of nowhere and just pounced on Yogi," he told CBS News 8. "It was a terrifying event."

Although SeaWorld reportedly apologized for the incident, the Revels say it had lasting negative effects on Yogi's health from which he's yet to recover. The dog later tested positive for Valley Fever, a deadly fatal fungal disease, which his owners believe he contracted from the hawk's talons.

The Revels say it's still uncertain if Yogi will survive. Meanwhile, they've been stuck with thousands of dollars in medical and vet bills which they think SeaWorld should be responsible for.

"I want all of our medical paid for and for his medical to be paid for in the future," Revel told news station KATU. An attorney for the family will likely be seeking damages in the seven-figure range.

CBS News 8 reached out to SeaWorld, but the marine park declined to comment on pending litigation.