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Man Has No Idea How Long He Will Have To Stay In This Animal Shelter

He's not leaving this cage until 300 dogs and cats are adopted.

It might be impossible for one person to open their home to every needy shelter pet, but this guy is hoping to do the next best thing.

This week, French humorist Rémi Gaillard announced a creative new endeavor to bring attention to those adoptable animals - by living like they do for as long as he has to.

Beginning on November 11, Gaillard plans to live full-time inside a kennel at the SPA shelter in Montpellier. He says he will continue his round-the-clock confinement indefinitely, that is, until at least 300 animals there are adopted - or 50,000 euros ($55,550) has been raised on their behalf.

To ensure the message gets out there, Gaillard intends to livestream the entire experience on Facebook Live.

In preparing to receive Gaillard, the shelter even put together this flyer as they would for any other tenant.

This isn't the first time Gaillard has used his following online toward the betterment of homeless animals. Earlier this year, he released a video of a prank powerful enough to convince a woman to decide against giving a dog over to an animal shelter.

For the latest updates on Gaillard's planned stay at the shelter, follow his page on Facebook.

And as always, adopt don't shop.