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Fearless Man Rushes Into Oncoming Traffic To Grab Stranded Animal

A couple was driving down a busy highway when they saw a tiny figure lying on the road lift up his little head.

Cars, trucks and RVs were whizzing past and the situation didn't look good, according to Minnesota wildlife rehabilitation center Wildwoods. But that didn't stop this concerned man, named Derek.

"Hold on, I'm coming!" Derek shouted, as he pulled the car over and looked for a break in the speeding traffic.

Darting between vehicles, Derek rushed to recover the figure, a tiny pileated woodpecker who seemed frozen with fear.

Derek and Kristen, who had been riding with Derek, brought the bird to a local bird observatory who referred them to Wildwoods. Upon arrival, the new patient seemed miraculously unbroken but exhausted from his highway scare.

"[S]he had no obvious fractures and could move both wings and both legs," Wildwoods wrote on Facebook. "However, she was very lethargic. We gave her fluids and pain meds/anti-inflammatories and put her in a quiet place to rest."

Amazingly, in just a few hours, the little woodpecker began to perk up. "[N]ow she's looking good!" the rescue organization announced. "We will test-fly her soon, and when she's ready, release her back into her home territory. Thanks so much to Derek and Kristen for saving this beautiful bird's life!"

We echo that. But remember to be safe out there, animal lovers.

Receiving no federal or state funding, Wildwoods helps animals solely through the support of people who care about animals. Learn how you can help Wildwoods save animals here.