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Man Overjoyed When The Puppy He Thought Was Lost At Sea Returns

A new video captures the beautiful moment a man is reunited with his lost friend.

Alfonse Attard, a 75-year-old fisherman, was in his boat off the coast of Victoria, Australia, when the boat capsized and sent him and his puppy, Jack, into the waters.

Facebook/9 News Perth

When a neighboring fishing boat came for Attard and brought him safely to shore, Attard insisted that they search the waters for Jack.

Thankfully, some volunteers were happy to search the water for the missing dog. And when they turned over Attard's capsized boat, they discovered Jack hiding in the front nose.

When rescuers approached dry land with a furry and wet bundle, the man jumped for joy on the dock as the boat pulled up.

Facebook/9 News Perth

The video, uploaded to Facebook on January 6, captures the moment the man takes Jack into his arms and cradles him closely, with tears in his eyes.

Facebook/9 News Perth

"How do you feel?" the person holding the camera asks him.

Facebook/9 News Perth

"He'll be alright, he'll be alright," he says.

Facebook/9 News Perth

He's probably not just talking about Jack.

Facebook/9 News Perth

"If the news were all about happiness ... like this one above," one person observed on Facebook, "the world would be in a much better place."

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