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Man Captures The Very First Moments He Met His Cat

We all remember the first time we met our pet and how excited we were to have him or her in our lives - and one man decided to photograph those moments so he would never forget them.

Reddit user NebulonsStyle came across a cat living in a cornfield.

Not knowing yet what was to come, NebulonsStyle began photographing the curious cat.

At first she watched from a safe distance ...

... and then slowly began to approach.

After what likely wasn't very long at all ...

... the sweet cat chose him as her dad.

And of course, the rest is history. After getting her scanned for a microchip, NebulonsStyle brought his new kitty home.

Now she's a member of his family, but thanks to his quick thinking, he will always have the photos of the very first time he ever met her ...

.. and of course, the thousands more photos he will likely take of her now that she's his.