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Man Locked Inside Animal Shelter Has Saved 150 Dogs And Cats So Far

"It allows me to recover faith in humanity."

<p>Facebook/Rémi Gaillard<span></span></p>

In just the last few days, this man has helped change the lives of dozens of dogs and cats waiting to be adopted from an animal shelter.

All it took was living like one.

Last Friday, French humorist Rémi Gaillard made good on his plan to move into a kennel at the Humane Society (SPA) shelter in Montpellier, where he intends to stay until all animals there have found homes of their own, or a certain amount of money is raised on their behalf. And the results so far have been beyond his expectations.

Since his self-imposed confinement began, Gaillard has been posting live videos to Facebook detailing the experience (addressing viewers in French). In one post, he describes himself as being burnt out, but bolstered to continue by the support he's been receiving.

Although Gaillard initially planned to leave once €50,000 was raised for the shelter, he chose to remain in the kennel even as donations surpassed that target. As of today, he's help raised over €180,000 (or roughly $193,000) for the shelter - but the good news doesn't end there.

"150 abandoned dogs and cats have found a new home, which is an even bigger achievement," Gaillard wrote in a Facebook post.

Gaillard's gesture just goes to show what a huge difference one person can make in the lives of pets in need - but for folks unable to raise awareness in quite the same way, there are still plenty of other opportunities to help.

Animal shelters and rescue groups are always in need of foster families and volunteers to ease the burden of overcrowding, and to make life more comfortable for pets under their care.

Visit your local animal shelter to find out how you can get involved. And remember - adopt, don't shop.