Man Is Stunned To See Someone Dangerous Floating On Pool Skimmer

“It looked like he was on a cruise ship.”

Alex Trejo is no stranger to dangerous animals. Known locally as the “rattlesnake hero,” Trejo, who runs the humane So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal, has seen it all. And yet, when he recently spotted someone dangerous floating on a backyard pool skimmer, Trejo couldn’t help but chuckle in amazement.

“I thought it was pretty funny,” Trejo told The Dodo. “It looked like he was on a cruise ship.”

The wayward sailor was a small rattlesnake who’d slithered onto the skimmer by mistake and was now trapped at sea. Though it was a funny image, Trejo knew the little guy was stuck and that he had to help.

According to AAAC Wildlife Removal, rattlesnakes can swim and many are strong swimmers. However, these snakes don’t necessarily enjoy being in the water, and they will usually only enter if they have to.

Standing at the edge of the pool, Trejo prepared to catch the snake.

“My plan was to wait ‘til the skimmer got closer, then grab him with my tongs,” Trejo said.

snake on skimmer

Finally, the skimmer came close enough. Carefully, Trejo used a tool to snatch the snake off of the skimmer, then deposited the snake into a bucket.

snake in a bucket

Safely back on land, the little snake was released in a familiar area within about a mile of where he was found. Slithering back into the wild, the snake surely felt glad that his adventure on the high seas had come to an end.

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