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His Dog Was Overheating, So He Did The Sweetest Thing For Her

Really loving a pet means doing whatever you can to keep her happy and comfortable - even if other people think what you're doing is over-the-top.

Wyomar Ramos de Araújo and his beloved dog, Hana, live in Guaraí, Brazil, where temperatures can easily reach over 100 degrees for much of the year.

So Araújo decided to do something that no one else in his neighborhood had done: He installed an air conditioner in Hana's doghouse.

Araújo told a local news outlet that he got the idea to put in an AC on a particularly hot day, when Hana was restless even though she had plenty of food and water.

Only a cold bath could calm her down, so Araújo realized he needed a way to keep her doghouse nice and cool.

Araújo said he's not done improving Hana's doghouse - there are still more changes he wants to make. But the AC is in, and Hana is probably much more comfortable already.

He and Hana have been together since she was a puppy, so Araújo is totally devoted to his beloved dog. Maybe someday Hana's doghouse will have its own swimming pool?

Araújo isn't the only pet owner to go above and beyond for his furry family - this woman turned her home into a jungle gym for eight rescue cats.