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Man Touches Stingray And Her Baby Pops Out

Yanked from the water by a hook in her mouth, a pregnant stingray surprised a family on a fishing trip when they saw what was poking out of her.

Off the shores of Port Charlotte, Florida, in the summer of 2014, the Conger family fishing boat suddenly turned into an operating room when the family noticed small stingers making their way out of the mother's body.

As a father himself, Terry Conger felt compassion for the stingray in labor, so he followed his instincts. And with a few gentle pushes, the fisherman-turned-midwife helped the mother give birth ...

Not once.

YouTube/Barcroft TV

But three times!

YouTube/Barcroft TV

After each baby stingray was born, Conger plopped the baby back in the water.

YouTube/Barcroft TV

Within a matter of minutes, the whole ordeal came to a close. Terry freed the mother from the fishing line, so the four stingrays could be in the ocean together for the first time as one happy family.

Watch the full 90-second video below: