Man Rescues Baby Fox From Tin Can, And Fox Says Thank You

The sweetest moment!

Usually when people find animals digging through their garbage, they're not so forgiving of the furry little mess-makers. But when one man came across a baby fox who had gotten his head stuck in an empty tin can, he couldn't help but assist the trapped kit (on camera, of course).

The curious little fox was having considerable trouble navigating with an unwieldy can on his head.

YouTube/albamurrayffff | YouTube/albamurrayffff

At last - a helping hand! The baby fox looks around in relief. It is also important to note that this is the basically the cutest fox kit ever.

YouTube/albamurrayffff | YouTube/albamurrayffff

The little fox is so shaken and grateful that he approaches he rescuer for a few comforting pats.

YouTube/albamurrayffff | YouTube/albamurrayffff

But all too soon, it's time for this baby to go find his mama, and he disappears back through the hole in the fence.

YouTube/albamurrayffff | YouTube/albamurrayffff

"I was always finding empty pet food cans at the end of the garden," the man wrote on YouTube. "I suspect after the foxes raid dustbins they take their plunder to somewhere they think is safer to eat it: my garden!" Clearly, it is "safer" for animals to eat in his yard; if they get stuck, there's a kind human there to help them.

You can watch the full rescue below.

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