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Man Finds Rare Eggs In His Yard, Does The Exact Right Thing

Working on a landscaping project paid off for one lucky man who stumbled upon buried treasure in his own backyard: the eggs of an endangered species.

Peter Buschman didn't know it at the time, but what he discovered were the eggs of a rare and endangered turtle species known in Nova Scotia as the wood turtle.

Luckily, he already knew how to care for the eggs, according to CBC News Nova Scotia, because he used to live across the globe in Yemen, where he frequently came across turtle eggs along the shore.

First, he formed a small nest for them in a pile of sand. Then, he placed a thin sheet of wire mesh over the pile to protect the eggs from his curious dogs.

"Every day in the morning, as well as the evening, I went there to this tiny little hill," Buschmann told CBC. He checked in on the eggs every day for about a month, until one day, the eggs hatched.

"I looked down there and I saw that the sand was broken and here came out a little tiny turtle," he told CBC. "The turtle had a size of maybe a twoonie," which is a two dollar Canadian coin.

Worried about the perilous trek between the nest and a nearby pond, Buschmann called the Department of Natural Resources, who sent a biologist to help move the turtles into the water.

"Some of them dived down and some of them swam around," Bushman told CBC. "I was very, very excited." For him, the reward of finding those turtle eggs was to see the babies swim happily where they belong: in the free and flowing water.