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Man Approaches His House ... And Comes Face To Face With Godzilla

Eric Holland from New South Wales was walking out of his shed ... when he came face to face with a lizard who is essentially Godzilla.

Holland discovered the gigantic lizard hanging out on the side of his house earlier this week, and had never seen anything like it before. He told a local radio station, "It was a bloody big shock mate."

A BIG shock, indeed.

The lizard is an abnormally large goanna lizard, and was about 5 feet long. There are 20 different species of goanna lizards, all varying in size, but clearly 5-foot-long goannas don't normally wander around backyards. If I found something like him randomly straddling the side of my house, I would absolutely lose my shit.

Reasons I am NEVER moving to Australia.

Props to Holland for totally keeping his cool enough to snap a picture. That would NOT have been my first thought.