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Man Finds Tracks Leading From The Beach ... Straight To His Pool

When you live in the midst of nature, animal encounters are bound to be everywhere ... sometimes even in your own backyard.

A Florida man woke up on Thursday morning, took a look in his backyard - and discovered that he had an unwanted pool hopper taking a morning dip in his pool.

The hooligan wasn't exactly great at covering his tracks ...

... and unfortunately for him, doesn't look very inconspicuous either.

The swimmer was a crocodile who wandered onto shore and found the PERFECT place to chill for a while.

The crocodile seemed a little confused as to why people were so amazed at his presence - is this because he didn't ask permission first?

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were called, and they were able to help get the sunbathing croc out of the pool ...

... and back into the water, on his way to commandeer another unsuspecting homeowner's pool.

It just goes to show you never know who you could run into, even in your own pool.

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