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Man Dumps Puppies Because He Didn't Like How They 'Turned Out'

There are millions of shelter dogs waiting for homes in the U.S. - enough for every family who wants one. But sadly, backyard breeders keep on forcing dogs to have more and more puppies, which only adds to pet overpopulation.

Many of these pups are purchased, but some of them end up in the shelter system themselves.

Rescuers at Villalobos Rescue Center in Louisiana got a tragic delivery last week - a litter of newborn puppies dumped by a man who only plans to breed more.

"A man rolled up to our location in Assumption Parish in his shiny new Cadillac and asked us to come and 'pick up some puppies he didn't want,'" the rescue posted on Facebook.

"Upon arrival to his house, we saw the mama dog chained up and we asked if we could take her or at least get her spayed. His reply was not only frustrating but horrifying," the rescue explained. "He told us 'no' and that he wanted to breed her again because he 'didn't like the way these puppies turned out.' I mean at that point, what could we do?"

The rescuers took the puppies and left, disheartened that they couldn't save the mama dog that day. At least they could give her pups the care they need and find them loving homes.

The puppies are now growing bigger and stronger, and will soon be up for adoption through Villalobos.

Sadly, this cycle of breeding and abandonment will continue for as long as people buy puppies from backyard breeders and pet stores. According to the ASPCA, 3.9 million dogs enter shelters each year. About 31 percent of those dogs are euthanized - unable to find the loving homes they deserve.

For these little guys though, even though they've been separated from their mom, the future is bright. To donate to the puppies' care, click here. If you're ready to adopt a rescue pet of your own, visit your shelter or Adopt-a-Pet.com.