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Man Stops On Side Of Highway To Free Trapped Wolf

You probably don't notice much of what you pass when you're driving along a highway at 70 mph. Luckily for the wolf in this video, three men noticed him when he needed them most.

The wolf had managed to get his foot stuck in a wire fence that had become wrapped around him several times. The men who stopped to help him captured the entire rescue on video, which shows one man hesitantly approaching the tangled wolf.

The man first made several cuts at the wire.

"We're trying to help, bud," the man behind the camera told the wolf.

At last, the man was able to set the wolf free.

He immediately jumps back and the cameraman fumbles. Both men suddenly become nervous to be standing within feet of a wild wolf, who, as they note in the video, appears to be larger than average.

Before the man even looks up, the wolf is off and running.

Originally posted several years ago, the video doesn't specify exactly where this rescue this took place, but the end of the clip shows what appears to be a road, where the rescuers' truck is located.

It only took a small wire cutter and some courage to free the wolf. These men could have easily kept driving, but they decided to stop, which made all the difference for one wolf.

Watch the full video below.