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Man Builds A Cozy Shelter For Neighbor's Cat Left Out In The Cold

Temperatures are expected to dip below freezing across much of Ohio this week, carrying with them a real danger for pets stranded out in the cold. That's why when one Cleveland resident, named Justin, saw a neighbor's cat who had apparently been left outside during the night, he wanted to do something to help keep him cozy in case it happened again.

He built the cat a shelter.

"I was leaving for work in the morning and I saw him dart out and try to run into my garage to stay warm," Justin told The Dodo. "I felt really bad for him and made the shelter that day after work."

Following instructions he found online, Justin crafted a shelter out of two large Rubbermaid containers, placing insulation between them. Inside, he added bedding with more insulation.

One of Justin's own cats clearly approves of the craftsmanship.

Afterward, Justin placed the shelter on his deck as a welcome refuge for the neighbor's cat, or any other in the area who may have been left outside.

When asked why he would go to the time and expense of putting the shelter together for another person's pet, his answer is simple:

"I have six cats. I love animals."

Prior to speaking to The Dodo, Justin says he wasn't aware that his neighbor might be committing a crime if the pet is indeed left outside without protection, and that knowing that may change how he responds going forward - but his shelter could still save another stranded pet's life in the meantime.

Click here to find out how to build a shelter for cats stranded out in the cold.

For folks who suspect an animal is being neglected in extreme weather, the Humane Society of the United States urges reporting it to law enforcement.

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