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'Humanely Raised' Goat Was Abused For 12 Years. But Now She's Safe.

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Conscious shoppers.

Labels like "grass-fed," "pasture-raised," "cage-free," or "humanely-raised" were created specifically with conscious shoppers in mind. These labels paint pictures in our minds of green, grassy fields with happy, frolicking farm animals. They help us feel that we're making responsible decisions in a time where we're all trying to be more ethical and eco-friendly in our day-to-day decisions. These labels, however, mask a different truth. Please meet Maddie:

Maddie was "humanely-raised." Like so many 4-H projects for schools, Maddie was eventually sent off to "do what goats do" at a dairy farm. She was placed in a field where she was beat up, bullied, and injured by the other goats, where she had to fight for her food, and where she was forced to breed over and over again in order to produce milk that was labeled "grass-fed," "pasture-raised" and "humanely-raised." She was starving, neglected, and suffering from countless physical ailments.

Maddie birthed two to four babies a year for twelve years. Every single baby was taken away from her. After all, she was there to produce milk, not to mother her children, who were themselves labeled "grass-fed," "pasture-raised" and "humanely-raised" as they were either sent to slaughter or off to suffer the same as Maddie.

At 12-years old, Maddie had fulfilled her obligation to the dairy farm. She could no longer have babies or produce milk, so she was scheduled for slaughter to fulfill her next job: to become "grass-fed," "pasture-raised" and "humanely-raised" meat.

Would you, as a conscious shopper, choose this life for Maddie?

Maddie was lucky enough to be spared her final fate and now lives at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. At 12-years old, she is finally the beautiful, thriving goat that she always should have been. Watch her transformation in the video below and read more about her story here.