Pig Survives Dangerous Tumble From Truck — And Gets Best Reward

If things had gone according to plan, this gentle giant might have been on someone's plate by now.

Lucky the pig was traveling down Interstate 25 in Colorado in late September, likely on his way to the slaughterhouse. At some point something went wrong, and he ended up falling off the truck and onto the road.

He fortunately survived, and officials found him wandering on the side of the highway before taking him in.

In his second big break, they were unable to locate his owners, so they sent the 3-year-old pig off to the best place possible: Hog Haven Farm, a burgeoning pig sanctuary in Byers, Colorado.

There, he received two things he likely never had: a forever home, and a very fitting name.

"We have decided to call this gentle giant 'Lucky,' because he not only survived a fall out of a trailer on I-25, but he isn't going to be sent to slaughter," the sanctuary explained on its Facebook page.

Though Lucky's only been at the sanctuary for a few days, it looks like he's already making it his home. He received loving treatment for the road rash he sustained during his fall, and photos show the 600-pound giant happily munching on pumpkins and stretching out in the sun.

But most importantly, he's finally in a place where he'll always be safe and cared for.

"Lucky is going to enjoy living out his life at Hog Haven," the sanctuary said.

Watch a short video about his adventures here:

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