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He Was Run Over By 13 Trains ... And Survived To Smile For His Family

They call him "Lucky Loki" - and he definitely has most cats beat in the nine lives department.

On February 17, the pit bull mix, who lives in Kuna, Idaho, under the care of the Rossi family, managed to escape after Rosie, the family's other dog, opened the back gate and walked out. Loki followed Rosie and made it all the way to some train tracks near the Rossi family home.

The Rossis looked for Loki for hours, but it was a phone call that alerted them to the terrible news. The 14-month-old dog was in intensive care after he had been hit by a train not once, but 13 times, according to the story recounted on his GoFundMe page.

Loki was hit by the first train at 10:30 a.m. and the trains continued to run over him until around 4:30 p.m, ABC News reported.

After being hit the first time around, it was assumed Loki was dead.

When a train conductor passed through a second time around, marking the 13th train that met the dog, he saw Loki lift his head, signaling that, despite all the hurt he had suffered, he was still alive. Loki was rushed to the WestVet Animal Emergency Center where he was identified by his microchip.

Loki lost a leg, an eye and his tail, in addition to suffering from severe head trauma and lacerations, according to his GoFundMe page.

But during the tender moment Loki was reunited with his family, he still managed to give them a smile. That was when the Rossis knew he had a fighting chance at life.

Loki is now recovering back home with his family, receiving much love and learning to walk on three legs.

"Every day I look at him and he's moving more and more," Ryan Rossi, his owner, told ABC News. "He's adapting so quickly."

Loki's story is a remarkable tale of survival - and although no one should ever have to suffer the way he did, Loki can now take comfort in the fact that he's back in the hands of those who care for him most.

Watch "Lucky Loki" walk, hang out with his family and receive many loving pets in the video below.