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Loyal Pitt Bull Fights for his Life After Guarding Fallen Friend

<p> KRQE News </p>

A two-year old pit bull in Santa Fe is fighting for his life, after refusing to leave his fallen friend.

The pup, nicknamed "Patrick", was discovered Saturday morning by Santa Fe Animal Control along a country road, reported KRQE News. Badly wounded, he was standing guard over the lifeless form of another dog, believed to be his littermate, who was struck and killed by a car.

"He came in with a lot of punctures and wounds all over his face, head and upper body and legs," said Santa Fe Animal Shelter Director of Growth Evelyn Viechec.

These wounds were likely acquired from fending off coyotes and other scavengers looking to prey on his companion's body. Despite the life-threatening wounds, Patrick continued to stand guard.

"It was pretty clear he was determined not to leave the side of his friend," said Viechec. "We aren't sure how long he was standing there with his buddy, but we thought it was pretty sad."

This past weekend Patrick underwent surgery for his deep wounds, and is currently only able to eat soft foods. That being said, the shelter is optimistic about his recovery, hoping to have him up for adoption within the next couple of weeks.