Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave His Dead Owner's Side

It's a sad truth that a person's life can be lost in an instant - but the love they leave behind can linger long after they're gone.

This week, 23-year-old Leonardo Valdes was struck and killed by a vehicle while out for a walk with his dog, Doki, near their home in Concepción, Chile. When first responders arrived to the scene, they found Doki there too - still lying by his owner's side, looking visibly heartbroken.

Even after Valdes' remains were covered, Doki refused to budge.

Passersby weren't the only ones to take notice of the faithful dog's vigil.

"The deceased's puppy remained in the spot until the body was removed," emergency workers wrote online.

The photo they shared of Doki, his eyes gazing helplessly at where his owner lay, spread quickly on social media, with many wondering what became of him. But the dog's incredible loyalty doesn't end there.

The Valdés family, which has been holding a wake, says that Doki is safe and under family members' care - adding that his bond with Leonardo was amazing.

In fact, he is by his master's side even still.