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Everyone Loves Lovebug. But No One Wants To Take Her Home.

It's the same tired refrain: Everybody loves Lovebug. Nobody wants to take her home.

While we've heard the sad song of a dog forgotten in the rescue system again and again and again, Lovebug just doesn't have forever.

Despite her staggering popularity on the social media circuit - the pit bull's Facebook post at the rescue group Susie's Senior Dogs has been shared nearly 2,000 times - there hasn't been a single inquiry about her.

Susie's Senior Dogs / Facebook

This is her third time being featured on a site that close to 400,000 people follow.

"While we have several seniors right now, the one who has completely stolen our hearts, and also happens to be the oldest, is 11-year-old Lovebug," a staffer at Susie's Senior Dogs wrote in the post. "If you don't immediately fall in love with Lovebug's brown-sugar eyes and her adorable gray muzzle, then you may need to check your pulse."

What gives? She isn't the most popular color. She isn't the most coveted breed. And she's old.

Aside from a touch of arthritis, Lovebug is as spring-legged as she is sweet.

So, yes. It's probably the color. The breed. And her age.

Think we can change that and teach an old dog to hope again?

If you might have a home for Lovebug (sadly, in the Sacramento area only), visit the website for Susie's Senior Dogs or email susie.doggie@gmail.com.