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An Open Letter From A Dog To The Cat Who Stole His Heart

He tries to say, "I love you." But the plants get in the way.

At least, according to a lovelorn letter making the rounds on Facebook.

Apparently, a dog has been inconsolable since the neighbor put some plants in her window. You see, for the last six months, the dog used to enjoy nothing more than putting his paws on the railing to gaze up at his neighbor's cat.

His darling cat. His soul's sweetest delight - and then the potted plants went up.

So what does this hound of love do?

Why, get his owner to pen a tender missive begging the owner to please remove the damned plants so he can resume staring at her in a totally-not-at-all creepy way.

"This is going to sound ridiculous," the letter reads, "but I thought you should know that my dog (who lives next door) is madly in love with your cat and has been probably for six months."

This sort of thing isn't entirely unheard of.

Love knows no species.

Erin Kobayashi

Erin Kobayashi

All right, cynic. So maybe this isn't so much a romantic overture from one animal to another as a crafty means for one animal owner to get to know another animal owner.

Or maybe, somehow, the cat wrote the letter because the plants disagreed with her. Or she wanted a clean swipe at the annoying, googley eyed dog.

A regular Cyrano de Berge-cat.

Then again, cats don't need reasons. Just catnip.

Here's the letter.

And... well, wait. It looks like this love has legs. Whether that's two or four, we're not entirely sure.

But since the letter was posted on the neighbor's window, the plants have disappeared.

Another letter has been posted, this time from the inside the window.

It reads, "For true love."


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