Louis C.K. Explains Why 3-Legged Dogs Make His Daughter Happy

<p>Getty: Joe Klamar</p>

In an interview with GQ , comedian Louis C.K. explains -- in the dark style he's known for -- why his daughter likes seeing three-legged dogs:

"My girls and I make a lot of dark jokes together. In the upcoming season [of Louie], there's a line from a conversation I had with my older girl. She was saying how whenever she sees a three-legged dog, it lifts her spirits, because three-legged dogs are wonderfully unaware that they have a malady. They just walk around, and they don't give a shit. And I said, ‘You know, honey, they are lucky. But do you know the only thing luckier than a three-legged dog? A four-legged dog.' And she really laughed. Whenever she laughs that hard at something dark? I know it's good."

h/t Andrew Sullivan