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This Octopus Got Lost And Ended Up In A Parking Garage

Blame the supermoon.

No scuba gear? No problem. Evidently, sometimes marine life will come to where you are.

But that's not a good thing.

Earlier this week, Florida resident Richard Conlin was heading to his car in a Miami Beach parking garage when he noticed something rather unexpected on the ground in front of him - a live octopus, who was probably as confused as anyone about what he was doing there.

Turns out, the supermoon is at least partly to blame. The moon's greater proximity to earth reportedly led to unusually high tides, which caused the garage's drainage system to spout up in the opposite direction, flooding the parking area with seawater. And with that inflow likely came the eight-armed visitor.

"Due to the flooding underground or underground systems, as the tide rises you could have sea creatures making their way through the system (and) through pipelines," meteorologist James Thomas told the Miami Patch.

While it will be decades before the moon is as close as it was, experts warn that rising sea levels brought on by global warming could mean the sighting of this lost sea animal is a harbinger of things to come regardless.

Fortunately for the octopus, his story has a happy ending, at least for now.

"Security from the building filled a bucket with seawater, rescued it and placed it back in the bay," Conlin wrote online. "I spoke to them this morning and they said they believe it got away safely."