Lost Dog Goes Completely Nuts When Reunited With His Owner

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It's no secret that our canine companions are perhaps the most loving and loyal creatures on earth. But rarely has the affection inside a dog's heart been seen in such an explosive display.

Clearly, Marley is happy to be home.

For more than two months, the friendly pup had been missing after getting separated from his owner, Michelle McFetridge, during a walk near his home in London, England. When week after week of searching for Marley failed to turn up any sign of him, McFetridge began to think she might never see her beloved pet again.

Then, 66 days after the dog's disappearance, she got a call from the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home - Marley had been found. And thanks to the fact that he'd been microchipped, they were able to track McFetridge down.

"I went there straight away to collect my baby and I just couldn't stop crying when I saw him," she told the Daily Express.

And Marley's reaction to their reunion? Nothing short of priceless.

For more information on microchipping your pet, visit the Humane Society of the United States.