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Lost Dog Found On The Anniversary Of Her Dad's Death

She came home on the day her family needed her the most.

In 2007, two brothers named Adam and Tony rescued three pit bull puppies, Killian, Ella and Chuck, from the South Elgin Animal Hospital in Illinois. Both brothers loved the pit bulls more than anything and raised them together - until Adam passed away.

After losing Adam, Tony knew he would be unable to raise the three rather large pit bulls all on his own. He was able to keep one, but the other two he had to rehome with family and friends who he knew would take wonderful care of them and love them just as much as he did, and as Adam had.

Ella, the token girl, went to live with Adam and Tony's other brother Joey and his family in Florida. The arrangement worked out perfectly for many years, until last April, when Ella went missing.

Ella was gone for nine long months, and her family was unsure if they would ever see her again. When the fifth anniversary of Adam's death came, a day that was normally very challenging for everyone who knew him, something amazing happened.

Ella was found.

Someone brought her into a local animal shelter, where staffers scanned her microchip and then contacted Tony, who was able to alert his brother and make sure Ella was brought home safe and sound.

After being missing for so long, everyone was amazed that Ella had somehow found her way back home, healthy and safe, on a day when her family truly needed her the most.