Lost Dog Hops Into Cop Car To Ask For A Ride Home

He knew exactly where to go for help.

It's hard to say how this sweet dog named Ruger came to be lost from his family's home in California, but there's no question about what led him to be found. Turns out, Ruger somehow knew to seek out the perfect help all by himself.

And he wouldn't budge until he was safely back home.

Facebook/Tuolumne County Sheriff

It all began in the early hours of Wednesday morning, when Tuolumne County Sheriff's Deputy Hammell stopped on the roadside to investigate a suspicious vehicle, leaving his door open as he stepped out. As he returned to his patrol car after the investigation was complete, he was surprised to discover there was now an unexpected visitor inside, sitting cozy in the passenger seat.

Ruger, wandering all alone, had evidently used the opportunity to slip in unnoticed - and it's a good thing that he did.

Facebook/Tuolumne County Sheriff

Ruger, of course, couldn't explain his situation to the deputy. Fortunately though, he was wearing a tag indicating where it was that he belonged.

And he seemed more than happy to wait for his rescuer to put the pieces together.

"Ruger had made himself comfortable while Dispatch located his owner's address from the information listed on his collar," the Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office wrote online. "He fell fast asleep in the warm patrol car as his owners were located."

Facebook/Tuolumne County Sheriff

With that, the lost dog was lost no more.

"Deputy Hammell gave him a ride home and Ruger's owners were very pleased to see him as they had been looking for him all evening," writes the sheriff's office, adding: "We enjoyed having him for a short ride along this morning and are thankful we were able to return him to his family."

We are too - and, no doubt, Ruger is as well.