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Losing A Dog Is Like Losing A Child

Most people who lose a dog will be quick to tell you that it's just like losing a child. But it's much more complicated than that. First of all, most parents will go through life without ever losing a child. When they do, they will be quick to tell you it's not supposed to be that way! But when we bring a dog into our life, it goes without saying that one day we will face losing them. In the bigger world outside the dog world, many people believe that it's "just a dog." Some believe the comparison should not be made. But in reality, everywhere in the world today, there are millions of people suffering grief that is nearly unbearable, because of the loss of a dog. Because dogs have a way of crawling into a part of our heart where we would never trust any human to go. And then, once in a while, there is that special dog who touches our soul, then leaves us with an understanding of love that surpasses all other.

Zoe The Happy Dog

Zoe The Happy Dog

Occasionally some people are able to catch a glimpse of a parallel universe where everything is in order. It's a place where fear does not exist. It's a world of limitless undying love without conditions. Some people are able to step through the looking glass to enter that world without boundaries. Then their lives begin to flow effortlessly, because they have chosen to walk down the path the universe intended for them.

That parallel universe is where the story ofZoe The Happy Dogtakes place. Zoe was no ordinary dog and this is no ordinary dog tale. But it will surely touch the hearts of everyone who understands the natural bond between dogs and humans.

A note from Zoe's Aunt Pat, Bob's sister:

You and Cyndi were so close and you were a blessing to us when she was dying. It was the most traumatic time in our lives...to know she was slipping away and there was nothing we could do to save her. She fought a good fight but in the end, she lost and the grief we felt is still there..just a tear duct away, when an animal is hurt or abused and we think of her devotion to all living creatures. She never had children, but any stray or helpless animal that needed a Mother..she stepped in and gave all of her love. When one of her furry children was hurt or died...she grieved as if it was her own child...it was real grief and no one can ever tell me it was any different than the grief we felt at her passing. This was MY child and animals were HER children...and grief is grief...if you have a heart...