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3 Things You Can Celebrate About On World Rhino Day 2014

With 790 rhinos poached this year, 2014 is on its way toward topping last year's rhino death toll. With the shadow of corruption within the national parks and government looming large over the fate of rhinos, it is difficult to feel optimistic about their future. Yet, there are bright spots to illuminate the darkness.

World Youth Rhino Summit

Over 100 future conservationists (15 to 17 years of age), are convening at the first World Youth Rhino Summit focused on the rhino poaching crisis. The demand for horn, and loss of rhinos affects countries across the world, not just in South Africa. The aim of the summit is to plant the seed of conservation in future rhino ambassadors throughout the globe.

Over 140 delegates come together in the iMfolozi Game Reserve to address the poaching crisis and discuss resolutions.

Rhinos Without Borders

The initiative started with a successful translocation of six rhinos from South Africa to Botswana. Since then, Rhinos Without Borders is looking to move 100 rhinos to safer areas. With the future of the rhinos at stake, this move serves to increase the geographical spread of the rhino population throughout southern Africa, as well as introducing a new gene pool into Botswana. Translocation will be pivotal in the preservation of the species.

Previous translocation from Rhinos Without Borders and & Beyond. (Photo: Rhinos Without Borders)


Our beautiful, resilient, soon-to-be mom will remain the ambassador for her kind. She is and always will be an inspiration to keep us all going! We're all waiting with bated breath for her to give birth sometime this December.

Watch the latest video from Dr. Fowlds visit with Thandi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FKbWvW2hEE&feature;=share%5D And as always, Fight for Rhinos and Helping Rhinos will continue putting our all into the best options we can find in assuring the future of these magnificent creatures. Currently, that includes Reserve Protection Agency
Game Reserves United
Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Project Rhino Track
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