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15 Drama Llamas Who Need Your Attention, Like, Right Now

These emotional animals have more drama lined up than The CW.

1. "Stop talking. I need us to focus on ME right now."


2. "Yeah, yeah. They hate me 'cause they AIN'T me."

(Flickr/Bill Damon)

3. "Nature doesn't hold a candle to my fabulousness."

(Flickr/Phil Whitehouse)

4. "Oh, right. It's always MY fault."

(Flickr/David Stone)

5. "Why does everyone treat me like I'm the black sheep in this family?"


6. "You can't even handle how truly magical I am."


7. "Why, yes. I WILL be airing these grievances on Facebook."

(Flickr/Tambako the Jaguar)

8. "I'm just going to lie here while you think about what you've done."

(Flickr/Jocelyn Saurini)

9. "This is my 'Can I see a manager?' face."


10. "Don't even THINK about coming over here."


11. "It's not a photobomb. We all know you meant to take a picture of ME."

(Flickr/Geraint Rowland)

12. "I've gotten, like, ZERO comments on my new hairdo. Why does everyone hate me? I'm writing about you all on Tumblr tonight!"

(Flickr/Robert Taylor)

13. "Everything here bores me. What can I say? I've moved on."


14. "Love me or hate me - you know I'm beautiful."


15. "Talk to my hand - the face is busy."

(YouTube/Vermont Grand View Farm)