18 Lizards You Can't Believe Are Even Real

1. This dapper gent who's rather photogenic.

Reddit: Cjspillman

2. This scaly friend who will happily hold your candy for you.

Reddit: rburkh

3. This itty-bitty finger-climber ...

Reddit: amoosewithnoname

4. ... And an even SMALLER explorer!


5. This bearded dragon who may or may not be hitting on you.

Reddit: Wavyes

6. This little gecko who is all smiles.

Reddit: snakelady2012

7. This total lounge lizard.

Reddit: JiveMonkey

8. This little gecko grabbin' his toesies ...

Reddit: jaycrew

9. ... And his evil doppelgänger who is looking pretty devious.

Reddit: Bigmike75

10. This lizard who is a total cat person.

Reddit: TomMarvoloRiddler

11. This bearded dragon who's dreaming of becoming an ACTUAL dragon.

Reddit: lexsi04

12. This one who's very pleased with his banana hat.

Reddit: Bowhuntress77

13. This smartphone expert.


14. This little fellow who hasn't quite gotten the hang of his eyes yet.


15. This stylish lady who's catching up on all the latest trends.

Reddit: Rojugi

16. This patient reptile who think you two need to have a talk.

Reddit: cky138

17. This chameleon who's playing beautiful water songs.

Reddit: washedupwornout

18. This little lady who is, without a doubt, flawless.

Reddit: kmac51190