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Iguana Refuses To Accept That He's Not A Dog

<p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-zGIS-WWZQ" target="_blank">Youtube/Dave Durham</a></p>

Not to get too deep or anything, but I'm sure we've all gone through a time in our lives where we're not really sure who we want to be. Sometimes we wish we were someone else - and this lizard knows EXACTLY how that feels.

A man has a pet Cayman Brac iguana who, let's be honest, is actually a lot more like a pet dog.

When Buddy the iguana's human calls to him when he gets home from work, he comes running ... just like a dog would.

Youtube/Dave Durham

Buddy is eager to be pet and given attention ...

Youtube/Dave Durham

... And demands more petting and attention when his human stops.

Youtube/Dave Durham

Watch out, dogs. Buddy might be trying to steal your jobs.

Check out the full video of Buddy greeting his human below!