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Little Owl Hiding Under Blankets Gets A Little Help, Flaps Away To Freedom

A tawny owl. Under a blanket. In the conservatory!

Though the scenario may sound like a game of "Clue," it didn't take a detective to figure out exactly who was making the rustling noise in the picturesque conservatory of these British homeowners. According to Wildlife Aid's YouTube channel, the culprit was a little tawny owl who had flown in an open window and found himself in a very confusing, windowed room.

The homeowners called the Wildlife Aid Foundation, and founder Simon Cowell came to the rescue of the trapped raptor. The owl was nestled under a blanket, peeking out in an understandably freaked out manner.

(YouTube: Wildlife Aid)

Simon freed the owl from his squished corner, making sure to wear proper gloves while handling the creature.

(YouTube: Wildlife Aid)

The little fellow is quite precious, but is likely eager to get back to his home. Don't worry, little fellow, you'll be out in your natural habitat in no time.

(YouTube: Wildlife Aid)

Simon checks the bird's feet for any injuries before releasing him. Luckily, everything seems to be intact!

(YouTube: Wildlife Aid)

Upon his release, the owl eagerly flaps away, (hopefully) returning hurriedly to his roost.

(YouTube: Wildlife Aid)

Tawny owls are generally only active during the night, but some (such as this particular bird) have been known to venture out during the daylight hours.

If you should find any wild bird flying around in your household, the Wild Bird Care Centre advises turning off harsh lights and limiting the areas in the house the bird has access to. If the bird does not fly out on his own accord, call your local wildlife rescue center before attempting to handle the bird yourself, especially if the bird is sick or injured.

Watch the full owlish rescue below: