Little Lamb Can Enjoy Life Again Thanks To His Sweet New Shades

Meet Flash - a little lamb who just might be the most fashion-forward farm animal on earth. But there's more to his stylish appearance than simply looking cool.


Born three weeks ago on a farm in England, Flash developed an infection in his right eye that resulted in a condition called uveitis, which made being out in the sun a painful experience. But rather than keep him cooped up inside all day, his owner Tanya Dutt had an idea to help Flash enjoy life again.

She got him some sweet UV sunglasses to protect his sensitive eye.

Now, not only is Flash back to his old self, bounding around the sun-soaked farm like a happy baby should, but he also looks pretty damn awesome doing it. All it took was a little creative thinking - and compassion for the little lamb's well-being.

Check out a video of Flash in action.

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