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Little Kitten Would Have Died If It Weren't For This Mask

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Luckily for this tiny kitten, the New Orleans firefighters who pulled him from a fire in his home were also specially equipped with a pet oxygen mask.

Crews responding to a house fire in the city this week found the cat lying unconscious in a hallway near where the fire broke out. They scooped him up and carried him out to safety, where he was revived with this special mask, local outlet WVUE reports.

"I guess he has eight more lives," the NOFD's Doug Cardinale told WVUE. It's crucial that fire responders have the tools to save animals along with humans, and thankfully, in this case the men and women of the NOFD were 100 percent prepared.

There were two other cats in the home when the fire started, and they both made it out safely.

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