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Little Girl 'Veterinarian' Rescues Dog Who Hurt His Paw

"It was a small scratch, but Laura likes to keep him healthy."

From the moment that Laura arrived home from the hospital as a newborn, her faithful companion, Charlie the beagle, has been there to help keep her safe.

Now a happy, dog-loving toddler, Laura is beginning to learn how to care for the pup in return.

Charlie recently hurt his paw on a frozen blade of grass, which was causing him to limp. Fortunately, Laura, with the help of her dad, was quick to come to his rescue.

Here's video of the simple procedure that made Charlie's boo-boo all better.

We are happy to report that, thanks to the Laura's intervention, Charlie is on the mend.

"He is fine," the little girl's dad told The Dodo. "It was a small scratch, but Laura likes to keep him healthy."

When Laura was still a baby, her parents taught Charlie a number of useful tasks - like how to help change her diapers, push her in a swing, gently play with her, and even tuck her in for naps. They've been documenting their time together on YouTube on YouTube , writing "the one thing we never had to teach him is how to love our daughter."

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