Little Girl Has Three Siblings, And They're All Pugs

From the very moment little Kennedy was born, she was a dog person.

Her two pug brothers, Barnum and Bailey, were there from her very first day. As soon as they met her, they seemed to vow to never leave her side ever again.

Kennedy spent lots of time cuddling her dog brothers and always loved them ...

... and then came the moment when she realized she didn't just love them - she also wanted to BE them.

Her pug brothers, of course, supported her dreams, and began making sure she was properly trained to be a pug.

From how to stand ...

... to what to eat ...

... and how to FIND the good stuff to eat.

Kennedy was clearly on her way to being one of the pack. Then, the pack grew.

Tahlulabelle joined the family in September 2015, and Kennedy finally had a sister to round out the group.

If they weren't inseparable before, once they became a foursome, they most certainly were.

Now, they do everything together ... everything that a group of dogs would do together, that is.

They take naps in their dog beds.

They fit themselves into small and random places.

They roughhouse like only pugs can.

They go for group walks.

They hunt for food, and, of course, always share.

Even though she's basically one of the pack now, Kennedy's pug siblings are still quick to watch out for her, from the little moments ...

... to the big ones.

Kennedy absolutely loves being just one of the pugs, and will always love her pack unconditionally ...

... and no matter what, they'll always love her, too.