Little Girl And Her Pit Bull Have Been Best Friends Since The Very Beginning

Eisleigh and her pit bull, Clyde, started life at the same time. They were tiny babies together, and from the very beginning, they were inseparable.

Even as a tiny puppy, Clyde has always known just how to make Esleigh smile ...

... and the pair were together even through nap time.

Their mom, Brandi, has always been a big advocate for pit bulls, and never for a second let her daughter think Clyde was scary, because, well, he's not.

Clyde went everywhere with Eisleigh ...

... and even as they both got bigger ...

... nothing ever changed.

Esleigh and Clyde learned how the world worked together ...

... and with each other, there was nothing they couldn't do.

Today, Eisleigh and Clyde are still growing, still learning and still always together.

Their friendship will never end.

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For more Eisleigh and Clyde, watch this video of them growing up together:

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