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Photo Of Baby Gorilla And Little Girl Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Gus, a 5-month-old gorilla born at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, was recently photographed sharing a moment through the glass with a little girl.

The toddler, named Braylee, pressed her hands up to the glass, right against little Gus's.

The photo has been gaining a lot of attention for how adorable it is - but really, the photo might not be as cute as everyone thinks it is.

This baby gorilla was born in captivity, which means he will never get to know what it's like to live in the wild, as gorillas were meant to.

When Gus reached out to that little girl through the glass, as many other captive animals have done, he was reminding everyone that he will never know a life outside of that glass enclosure.

Many gorillas kept in zoos have been known to try and stage escape attempts as they get older, and often do not take kindly to zoo-goers trying to interact with them through the glass.

While the photo may seem cute, this is the only kind of interaction with playmates his own age Gus will likely ever have, and that is unfortunately not very cute at all.