Little Donkeys Who Are Too Perfect To Be Real

Come on, just look at them.

Most people, if asked to name which animals are among the cutest, probably wouldn't have little donkeys on their list. They would, of course, be very wrong.

Sadly though, it wouldn't be surprising. Let's face it, donkeys have been pretty unfairly stereotyped for generations. After all, the other term for them is "ass" - and calling someone that is rarely intended as a compliment. It probably should be though.

It's time we talk about how wonderfully perfect and cute little donkeys are. And here are the pictures to prove it.

Donkeys, if you didn't know, are close cousins to horses - yet these smaller, fluffier relatives aren't regarded with having half the majesty. Ever driven in a Ford Donkey? Didn't think so.

Truth is, horses are probably jealous of how adorable they are. Just look at this Clydesdale admiring the stunning cuteness of this little donkey. Even he knows the truth.

What's this little donkey up to? Being cute. That's what.

Take a look at these little donkeys. They're using one another as a pillow. Could anything possibly be cuter than that?

Yes! More little donkeys!

Do you know who else loves little donkeys? Cats love little donkeys.

Dogs love little donkeys, too. We trust their opinion, right?

Heck, even chickens love little donkeys. Chickens!

Who couldn't love little donkeys, really? Look how cute.

Here's another. See his happy little trot? Are you not convinced?

Sure, you might say that little donkeys are cute - until they grow up. But remember, every big donkey started out as a little donkey, too. And no one loves little donkeys more than they do.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so enlightened about just how special donkeys are. To support the rescue of abused and neglected donkeys worldwide, consider making a donation to the Donkey Sanctuary.