Little Dog With 'Flipper' Abandoned In Cardboard Box

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Chubs is a super-sweet puppy with a very small, very unusual quirk - instead of a fully formed front right paw, he has a "flipper."

Chubs was abandoned in a box on the front steps of the Athens-Clarke County Animal Control in Georgia last week. According to a volunteer-run website, "When they pulled him out they found a wiggly, kissy 3-legged puppy, nearly hairless from demodex mange."


With his skin condition and his unusually shaped paw, Chubs looked to be in rough shape. But his personality was all smiles. "He seems pretty happy and friendly," Patrick Rives, superintendent for Athens County Animal Control, told The Dodo.

Now all he needs is a family to help him live a long, happy life without a front paw. "He loves physical contact and full-body massages," Lisa Milot, a shelter volunteer, told The Dodo, adding that Chubs gets around OK now, but he "should probably have a prosthetic to prevent back issues."


And he probably won't have to wait long to find a family: Rives said that Chubs already has a couple of potential adopters, and there are rescue groups willing to take him in as well.

Dogs with special needs make great, loving pets. Missing a paw doesn't mean that pets can't be happy and awesome.Just ask these three-legged cuties.

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