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Little Boys Have Priceless Reaction To Setting A Butterfly Free

<p>YouTube: Doug Thompson</p>

These little boys have been taking care of a chrysalis which has just broken open to reveal a lovely monarch butterfly -- which means it's time to let the little flier out into the wild where she belongs.

The butterfly has other plans, however, and decides to take a brief rest upon one of the boys' faces before she makes a complete departure!

Naturally, the little boy was overwhelmed with surprise and confusion and excitement (because, HELLO, butterflies are awesome). He handled the situation like a champ and a true animal-lover by not swatting at the butterfly or trying to grab it. Turns out it's pretty cool to have a butterfly land on you!

And all too soon, it's time for Miss Monarch to be on her way, and the little boys bid her a fond farewell. But it's alright -- she definitely gave them something to remember!

Although animals outside of cages are always preferable, major kudos to these kids (and their parents!) for setting the butterfly free and getting so much joy out of doing so!
You can check out the full experience below:

YouTube: Doug Thompson

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